Getting to the hotel in Barneville-Carteret :

By car

- from Cherbourg: 35 minutes

- from Paris: 3:30 mins via the A13 and D903 to Carentan or the D902 to Valognes

- from Rouen: 02:30 mins

- from Mont St-Michel: 1:30 mins

- from the A84 Estuaires motorway: 1 hour


By train

- nearest station: Valognes 25 km away


By plane

- Cherbourg Maupertus airport 40 km away


By boat

- from the Anglo-Norman islands Jersey and Guernsey: 45 mins by boat (with Manche Isles Express)

- from Portsmouth to Cherbourg (with Brittany Ferries)

- from Poole to Cherbourg (with Brittany Ferries)