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Hotel les Isles Barneville Carteret

Hotel les Isles Barneville Carteret

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In the depths of the Titanic

At spring 2012, 100 years after the most mediatized shipwreck, the Titanic comes back to Cherbourg, its last continental stopover.
For this occasion, the Hotel des Isles set up a package to discover the exhibition organized at La Cité de la Mer and make us live again the unique travel of the Titanic for a week-end.

The package includes :
- 2 nights on half board for 2 persons,
- a book edition Luxe « Cherbourg, port du Titanic et des Transatlantiques »,
- 2 entrances to La Cité de la Mer, to the exhibition « Titanic, retour à Cherbourg ».

Valid from the 10th of april to the 30th of june and from the 1st of september to the 31st of december 2012.

The first part, implanted in the majestic Salle des Bagages of the transatlantic harbor station, will plunge the public in the atmosphere of time, thanks to projections and slide shows, movies and photos of archive.
In the second part of the exhibition, the public will come down along the Titanic’s hull to reach in the passageways of the first, second and third classes through the various decorations inspired by the legendary passenger ship.
Thanks to a lot of interactive devices, photos and videos of archive, every body will be able to discover Titanic story, its construction and life on board.
With the witnesses of the drama, particulary those who embarked in Cherbourg on the 10th of april 1912, we will live again the crossing Cherbourg – Queenstown – North Atlantic to the collision and to the wreck.

The 10th of april 1912, at 6.35 p.m., the Titanic stands still the harbour of Cherbourg, the biggest artificial harbour of the world.
The stopover lasts 1 hour and a half, time for the carriers of the White Star Line, the Nomadic and the Traffic, to bring 281 passengers to its edge. Among these passengers, some of the biggest fortunes of the century, going to America.
At 8.10 p.m., the giant of seas leaves Cherbourg, its last continental stopover.

Tarif : 80€ par personne et par jour

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